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About us

Sharangdhar a well known brand in the field of ayurveda since 1985 with the motto to treat the root cause of the disease, serving the mankind with authentic medicines has now started a Panchakarma Therapy Center at F.C Road.

Panchakarma and other therapies are both preventive for:
  • Healthy people to maintain and improve excellent cellular function.
  • curative for those who are suffering from diseases.
It is highly complex and sophisticated science of purification of body and mind. Panchakarma helps in re-establishing the essential change in all the three doshas for the body which are the root cause for any ailment. The procedures are extremely pleasant and relaxing which increases the self healing power of the body bringing about a profound and long lasting rejuvenation.

We advice everyone to undergo Panchakarma Therapy to avoid any seasonal change and its effects on our body.


Sharangdhar Panchakarma and Therapy Center is located in a peaceful locality in F.C road, Shivajinagar.

It is situated in the heart of the city but still it is very calm, quite and close to nature. Easy and convenient to reach. The ambience of Therapy Center is clean and pleasant for all therapies.