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Hair is made of protein called keratin which is produced in the hair follicle. Hair follicle is present in the outer layer of the skin. When follicle produce new hair cell, old cell is actually pushed out of through the surface of skin. So hair we see is actually dead string of keratin cell.
Hair colour is created by pigment cell melanin. Due to aging, pigment cell die and hair turns gray. Each follicle has its own life cycle and Age, food habits, life style, stress, disease etc.affects the hair growth.
According to Ayurveda hair is By-product of asthi dhatu(bone tissue). Snigdha guna of hair is for Mrudutva (softness) and ardratva (moisturiser). When Snigdha guna decreases dryness occurs and leads to hair problems like hair fall,dandruff,split ends ,baldness etc. Thus, Hair needs to keep certain level of moisture all the time. So it is necessary to massage the scalp with oil regularly. Ayuveda says keeping hormones in balanced state, proper nourishment and protection of hair roots is the real solution to get rid from hair problem or to prevent from hair problem. For this It is necessary to take internal medicine along with external applications.
Today, excessive use of external application like shampoos, dyes, oils, creams, chemicals, improper dietary habits, stress, diseases, hormonal   imbalance are some other causes of hair problems. Use of shampoos, hair dyes, hair colouring make hair glowing, healthy- looking, shiny but effect is temporary and cosmetic. Excessive and often use of these products make hair dry and fragile. This leads hair to break off easily
Sharangdhar Shavidha tablets + Shavidha hair oil is a complete hair care solution is best remedy for all kind of hair problem

Product For Internal Hair Tonic
Shavidha Tablets

It contains several ingredients mentioned in Ayurvedic texts for healthy hair like Shatavari, ashwagandha, vidarikand, arjun, and suvarnmakshik. This unique combination in the right proportion nourishes hair roots internally.

Arjuna enhances blood circulation. This means more blood flows to the hair root providing increased nutrition to the hair. t the hair root providing creased nutrition to the hair.

Shavidha Hair Oil

In Ayurveda amala, brahmi,vatajata are keshavardhak (growth) herbs and maka, jaswand are kesharanjak (colour)herbs. Massage the scalp with Sharangdhar Shavidha hair oil which contains these ingredients. This helps to improve blood circulation of the scalp and gives strength to the hair root. So for strong, long, glowing hair it is advice to take internal medicine along with external application.

1. My hair is extremely dry, what should I do?
2. I am middle aged and my hairs are getting white. Is there any remedy to make it black?
3. which is best natural hair conditioner?
4 . Which is best remedy for baldness?
5 . How can we prevent hair fall problem?
1. My hair is extremely dry, what should I do?

Excessive use of shampoos, dyes tend to dryness of the scalp. For natural moisture massage the scalp with Sharangdhar shavidha hair oil regularly.

2. I am middle aged and my hairs are getting white. Is there any remedy to make it black?

Gray or white hairs are inherited genetically. No medicine can turn white hairs into black. Sharangdhar complete hair care solution help to slow down the process of greying hair and the new hair which is produced tends to be normal.

3. which is best natural hair conditioner?

Hair conditioner is hair care product that changes texture and appearance of the hair. Sharangdhar medicated mendi contains mendi,maka,shikekai,triphala,jaswand,mandur and ,sugandhi kachora.It does not contains any chemicals .It helps to strengthen the hair and makes the hair smooth, silky And shiny.

4 . Which is best remedy for baldness?

Baldness typically refers to excessive hair loss from your scalp.It is mostly hereditary. Sharangdhar shavidha tablet nourishes the hair roots internally and helps to prevent further hair loss and to restore growth. Massage the scalp with shavidha hair oil .The massage helps to improve circulation of the scalp and strengthens the hair roots.

5 . How can we prevent hair fall problem?

Most people normally shed 50 to 100 hairs per day. At the same time new hair is growing. But when growth reduces due to factors like hereditary, hormonal imbalance, improper life style, some diseases like thyroid and conditions like iron difficiency,the thinning of hair occurs. Sharangdhar complete hair care solution prevents hair fall naturally.

Supportive Treatment
Suportive ayurvedic medicine in knee pain / weight gain
Raktavardhak vati

Why this Product?
Adequate calcium, iron and vitamin C help to nourish the blood and bone marrow, and increase the blood count & improves hemoglobin level. This boosts our stamina and builds our resistance against disease. This medicine does all that and is particularly useful for Stops hair fall and improves its growth.

Suportive ayurvedic medicine in - acidity / constipation
Pachak vati

Why this Product?
Pachak Vati improves the digestive power of the body, which in turn, produces the required digestive juices, thereby helping us assimilate the food we eat. This enhances the quality of the blood, muscle, fat, bone, nerves and cells. Thus, Pachak Vati is a basic therapy in Ayurveda that aids digestion.

User Testimonials
I used to have healthy hair but since last few months I was experiencing hair loss problem. My hair loss problem affected my young appearance. I tried so many external applications like shampoos oils etc. But condition gets worsen. I read Sharangdhar Ayu hair tone and hair oil .I started using these products since last couple of months. My hair fall stopped within a month and started growing of new hairs. Thanks to Sharangdhar!!!
Suresh patilKurla
I am 29 yrs old. Since last year i started experiencing dandruff and itchy scalp problem and consequently hair loss. I tried number of solutions but to no avail, on the other hand it aggravated my condition. Two months back i heard about Sharangdhar Ayu Hair tone, and started using it. It has given some wonderful results, not only has it reduced my hair and scalp problem but it also has made my hair healthier than before. Thanks to Sharangdhar
Sujata DeshapandePune
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