Sexual Problems ? Ayurveda has some excellent ayurvedic medicine for men and womens

 Ayurvedic medicine for sex problems

ayurvedic medicine for sex problems

ayurvedic medicine for sex problems

Sex problems ?

Ayurveda has some excellent ayurvedic medicine for sex problems ! 

Ayurvedic medicine for sex problem :-“KAMA” in Ayurveda is considered to be the main key factor responsible for reproduction and pleasure of mind. Thus, if this reproductive ability is lost or becomes abnormal then it might affect the extreme happiness making the life miserable.

Energy in youngsters is due to “Kama Shakti” which is maximum when young. During childhood to adulthood this energy is enhanced by physical strength. Hence youngsters can enjoy the desire for sex but when they enter middle age to old age, the desire for sex still remains same but physical capacity decreases leading to unhappiness. Hence increasing physical capacity becomes necessary.  Need to note that this Kama Shakti is a part of physical and mental strength. So to increase Kama Shakti, overall stamina needs to be increased.

Sex Problem like:-

Premature Ejaculation, Erectile Dysfunction, Lack of Libido, in some cases Azoospermia, lack of mobility of sperm, oligospermia are some important reasons leading to infertility. Due to these issues, overall happiness and reproduction is hampered and thus there is a need to the use of ayurvedic medicine for men and women for such problems.

For addressing these issues, there are several sex tonics advertised in the market. But it’s been found that many have faced certain side effects(sometimes serious) after using these tonics (even Ayurvedic tonics which include shilajit and gold). Taking all this into consideration,Sharangdhar has worked on the root cause and has come forward with Ayurvedic medicines for men and women to resolve it.


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