Ayurvedic treatment for Arthritis

What is Arthritis?

Arthritis is a term often used for any disorder that affects your joints. It is not a single disease/disorder. It is an informal way of referring to joint pain/joint disease. People of any age or sex may have this disorder, but it is common in old age.

Let’s see what are the common symptoms of Arthritis…..

  • Swelling
  • Joint pain
  • Stiffness
  • Restricted movements

These symptoms can vary from mild, moderate to severe. Arthritis if severe can cause permanent joint changes which sometimes can be visible such as Knobby finger joints.

Types of Arthritis :

  1. Degenerative Arthritis
  2. Inflammatory Arthritis
  3. Infectious Arthritis
  4. Metabolic Arthritis


Is there any ayurvedic treatment for Arthritis?

There is a good Ayurvedic approach for treating Arthritis. Any ayurvedic treatment for arthritis is based on understanding the Tri- doshas of our body. As we all know, to have a healthy body all the three doshas need to be balanced and hence if any of the doshas are imbalanced it leads to disease/disorder. According to Ayurveda, Arthritis is a condition which is caused due to aggravatedVatadosha. The body produces Ama which is a toxin that is released due to indigestion. When Ama is produced, it gets circulated throughout the body and gets deposited at the sites which are already weak. When Vata increases, Ama finds a perfect place to scale up.Due to this we experience severe pain in fingers/knees. Thus there is restricted movement of knees and there is dependency on others even for day to day chores.

However there are various medicinal herbs which when present in right proportions act synergistically and eliminate the root cause of arthritis. These medicinal herbs include;

Ashwagandha Its immuno modulatory action corrects auto immune disorders and strengthens the immune system. It contains high amounts of natural calcium. Helps to restore bone health.
Rasna – ‘Quercetin’ glycosides in Rasna function as a powerful anti-inflammatory and antipyretic agent and thus acts synergistically with Ashwagandha.
Haridra(Turmeric) – An age old ayurvedic treatment for arthritis, it contains ‘Curcumin’ which shows excellent anti-inflammatory action

Punarnava and Gokshur – Both have strong diuretic action. Helps to dissolve and excrete the needle shaped uric acid crystals accumulated in the joints through the urine.
Shows excellent results in gout.

Jasada – It is a rich source of Zinc. Helps to improve the strength of bones and joints. Also has anti –inflammatory action. It also has immuno-modulatory action.

Sharangdhar’s ARCO is the perfect ayurvedic treatment for arthritis which consists of all the medicinal herbs like Rasna, Punarnava, Haridra, Gokshur, Ashwagandha, Jasadbhasma as  mentioned above  which helps to reduce the Ama and balances the Vatadosha resulting in pain relief and thus it’s a time tested remedy which has benefitted thousands of patients since last 30 years.

Along with ARCO, one can  have a massage of Sharangdhar’s PEEDAHAR oil to relax your muscles and to have free movements of the joints.

Why Ayurvedic treatment is better than any other treatment?

There are some modern techniques and treatments for Arthritis where medications are prescribed; analgesics are given for pain, steroids for controlling inflammation. Even in few cases, surgeries are advised for joint replacement. But all these methods cannot cure Arthritis completely and it also has many side effects. Thus ayurvedic treatment goes to the root cause and cures Arthritis as it is non-invasive treatment with zero side effects.

Is there any cure for Arthritis? Are there any simple home remedies for Arthritis?

As Ayurveda suggests, Arthritis is caused due to aggravation of Vatadosha and thus it needs to be balanced and stabilized which will in turn reduce the Ama in your body thus giving relief from pain and inflammation.

Few helpful home remedies for Arthritis:

  • Drink plenty of water daily and lukewarm water with lemon juice in morning.
  • Fenugreek is an excellent natural inhibitor of Ama and it balances the Vatadosha. ( Use fenugreek seeds in foodstuffs)
  • A hot oil massage of your joints using Sharangdhar’s Sesame oil
  • Meditation for bringing down your stress because stress , anxiety are major reasons for elevated Ama in your body
  • A good sound sleep for 7-8 hrs is required
  • Ginger and turmeric tea is recommended as it reduces the inflammation around the joints. Ginger contains gingerols which reduces swelling, pain and improves the movement of joints
  • White willow bark consists of salicylic acid which is also found in Asprin and reduces pain by chewing the white willow bark.
  • People who suffer from Arthritis have low magnesium levels. Magnesium reduces pain by relaxing the muscles by driving excess calcium out of the cells. It happens that when calcium and magnesium levels are not balanced, there is deposition of calcium which leads to joint pain. Thus eating magnesium rich foods like soyabean, spinach, almonds, cashews, peanuts, grains help to remove excess calcium out of cells.
  • Finally proper exercise is very important as it helps to keep us healthy and also reduces obesity. Also exercise keeps muscles strong, there is free movement of joints.

Blog written by Mrs. Neha K Abhyankar

Ayurvedic Medicine For Arthritis

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