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Health Secret For Happy winter !!

Healthy winter tips How to prevent yourself  from cold and cough  this winter?? The science  of  Ayurveda classifies various seasons  according to  the predominant  doshas observed  during the  season;  be…
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Piles & Fistula

Ayurveda treatment for piles

In today’s age, little intake of water, less intake of fibrous foods, intake of spicy and pungent foods, consumption of alcohol, sedentary lifestyle leads to ailments like  piles. Piles,, often  known  as  hemorrhoids  is  a  condition  in  which  the …
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Mental Health

Ayurvedic Medicine For Constipation

Ayurvedic Medicine For Constipation Ayurvedic  Medicine For Constipation Constipation  medically  implies  failure  in  evacuating  the  waste  material  from  our  body  on  regular  basis. Passage  of  waste  matter  commonly  referred  as …
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Health Tips

10 summer health tips by Ayurveda !!

10 summer health tips by Ayurveda !! Summer Health Tips According  to  Ayurveda,  summer  represents  the  following  qualities  like  hot,  sharp and  penetrating. That  is  why  our  pitta  dosha , …
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Mental Health


YOGA  : An experience of lifetime good health yoga-for-good-health Yoga for good health A fine day I happened to see a Hollywood movie where the protagonist was administered some kind…
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