Bottle Gourd

Ayurveda For Obesity And Cholesterol

In Ayurveda Fat is described as “med” and it is one of the essential components of the body. Main Function of med is to provide energy. Some types of vitamins like A,D,E,K rely on fat for absorption and storage. Fat cells stored in adipose tissue insulate your body and helps sustain normal core body temperature .In obesity unwanted excessive fat is deposited in various parts of the body.

Bottle Gourd

Ayurveda gives special emphasis to vegetables and herbs. Bottle gourd, called louki in Hindi, is a good heart tonic and works well against acidity. It also restores vitality and strengthens the body. These properties of the bottle gourd are well-known. It is best to eat this vegetable fresh, but sometimes this is not possible as it may not be available or may not be of good quality. Hence, Sharangdhar has developed a bottle gourd powder that retains its original properties and natural sweetness. The powder can be mixed with juice or milk. It helps to maintain cholesterol level.

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