Immunity Health Kit for Monsoon and Winter

The arrival of the Monsoon season always tends to stir a feeling of nostalgia and excitement in our heart.
However, over the past few years, our relationship with the monsoon has soured. We no longer want ourselves or our kids to get drenched in the rain for fear of catching cold or infection due to lack of immunity.
The monsoon munchies we used to savour earlier, now threaten to upset our stomach, and most of all, the rainwater we used to enjoy dancing in, is no longer safe and free of pollutants.
What’s more, most doctors too, warn that the monsoon season brings with it a plethora of illness, infections, and digestive ailments, which is why it is critical to take extra precautions to be fit during this season.

Therefore, Sharangdhar brings to you a complete immunity kit for your family.

1. Immune Tea :

Start your day with Sharangdhar’s Immune Tea. An immunity booster to kick start the day with full of energy. Immune tea combines the best of Ayurvedic herbs for immunity and wellness like Amla & Tulsi along with the natural antioxidants of Organic green tea to give you a truly unique combination of taste and health. Hence, The Natural vitamin C of amla creates a shield to protect you from viral attacks.

2. Coldavin :

Most of the people cannot give up on regular tea. What if we can make it healthier? Thus, Sharangdhar’s Coldavin is a perfect blend of lemongrass, ginger, cinnamon, tulsi and parijatak leaves. Just add 2 spoons to your tea and protect yourself from the common cold, cough and also increase the resistance power.

3. Cofco:

Cofco contains elements like jeshtamadh, bibhitak, kapur and clove oil recommended by Ayurveda. They prevent the production of a cough and eliminate the bacteria completely. Cofco is effective against any kind of a chronic cough or cold ailment.

4. Trisepta:

Venturing out in the cold weather, roaming on the bike in the rainy and winter seasons, eating fried and sour foodstuffs and staying awake at night are all harmful to the body. Thus, it results in internal swelling of the nose, ear, and throat, change of voice, swelling of glands and joints. Trisepta clears congestion & reduces swelling. It treats internally as well as externally.

5. Chyvangrans:

Chyavangrans is the granular form of Chavanprash. Amala, the richest source of vitamin C, is used in Chyavangrans. Chavanprash has a sticky texture, however, after years of research, the R&D of Sharangdhar has come up with dry granules of the same. It can treat several ailments and hence, enhance resistance power as well. Chyavangrans is beneficial to all.

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