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Make your regular tea medicinal!

Taking lemon grass tea infused with herbs like parijatak, pepper, ginger(shunthi), pippali, cinnamon, tulsi and coriander(dhane) has been an age old Ayurvedic recipe for fighting cough, cold & fever.
Now, the R&D laboratories of Sharangdhar have developed a modern & convenient powder(granule) form of this medicinal preparation which is to be just added in your regular cup of tea, to instantly make your regular tea medicinal.
This is a tasty as well as healthy product which helps to prevent & treat infections like cold, cough & fever which commonly occur during rainy & winter seasons by increasing the body’s immunity and taking out all the toxins.
So don’t just add adrak to your tea, add lemongrass, parijatak (Nyctanthes tristris arbor), black pepper, pippali (long pepper), Tulsi (Holy basil), Dalchini(cinnamon), Dhane (coriander seeds), Bilwa patra and adrak(Ginger) by adding just 1-2 teaspoonfuls of Coldavin in your cup.
*Contains added sugar

Recommended usage:
Adults: 1-2 teaspoons 3-4 times a day with regular tea/ warm milk/ hot water
Children(8-12 yrs): ½ to 1 teaspoon 1-2 times a day with regular tea/ warm milk/ hot water
Indications: Common colds, cough, flu, fever, respiratory and sinus congestion, body aches and low appetite.


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Coldavin is a traditional lemongrass tea, a wonderful remedy for colds, cough, and flu. Especially when brought on by seasonal changes, and it has been prepared in a convenient and tasty granular form. It contains herbs like Tulsi, Bel leaf, Parijatak, Lemon Grass, Ginger, Pepper, Coriander, and Cinnamon, hence a strategic blend that kindles the digestive fire to burn toxins and promote sweating to relieve fever. It also contains herbs for a cough and respiratory congestion. This formula ultimately works to maintain health and strengthen the body’s natural immune defense system, especially through the cold season.


Aale (Zingiber officinale), Miri (Piper nigrum), Dalchini (Cinnamomum cassia), Parijatak Patra (Nyctanthes tristris arbor), Bilwa Patra (Aegle marmolos), Tulsipatra (Ocium Album), Dhane (Coriandrum sativum), Gavati Chaha Arka (Lemon grass extract).

Instructions: Don’t use a wet spoon. Keep in cool and dry place. Tighten the lid of the bottle after use.

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2 reviews for COLDAVIN

  1. Rohit Kulkarni

    This product is good for health. Also helps in reducing cough and cold. As well as boost immunity power.

  2. Parth Abhyankar

    Amazing product.. I use it daily by adding it in my regular cup of tea. It adds spice to the tea as well as helps improve metabolism and boosts immunity power!

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