Gandhar Abhyanga Oil and Gandhar Utane


Method of use: – Required amount of oil is taken in a bowl and is used for massage of whole body till it gets absorbed in the skin, followed by which required amount of Utane is taken on palm / bowl and is mixed with sufficient quantity of water. This mixture is rubbed all over the body (Use it as a soap just before bath).

Therapeutic Action: –

  • Til taila reduces vata dosha
  • Helps to burn fat deposited under the skin of obese people
  • Improves skin tone, complexion 
  • Nourishes the skin

Indications: – 

  • For healthy, glowing, Soft, Smooth skin
  • Tanned skin
  • Pimple, Black moles, blackish discoloration over face
  • Obesity, over weight
  • All vataja disorders
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Availability – 60ml / 20gm

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Gandhar Abhyanga Oil 60ml, Gandhar Utane 20gm


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