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Availability: 25 tea bags
Ingredients: Organic green tea, Amla, Real lemon, Tulsi
Health benefits: Immune booster, helps in weight loss, corrects metabolism, natural detox drink
Recommended usage: 2 cups daily without adding milk and sugar
*Do not add milk as real amla & lemon may spoil it


  • Good for diabetes
  • Good for weight loss
  • Natural vitamin C source
  • Good appetizer
  • Does not cause acidity like regular tea
  • Helps in digestion
  • All ingredients used in the whole form, no artificial colors/ flavors/ essences used
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Composition(each 2g contains):
Organic green tea – 1.2g
Amla – 0.6g
Lemon – 0.2g
Tulsi extract – 1.2ml

Immune tea combines the best of Ayurvedic herbs for immunity and wellness like Amla&Tulsi along with the natural antioxidants of Organic green tea to give you a truly unique combination of taste and health. Green tea used is organically cultivated and sourced from the pristine Himalayan ranges of Assam and Meghalaya.
As all ingredients are used in their natural whole form, all the phytochemicals and nutrients are made available in every cup.

1 review for IMMUNE TEA

  1. Parth Abhyankar

    Excellent product.. I have it everyday.. good taste and amazing results in reducing weight and helps to boosts immunity power. Also improves metabolism..

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