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Availability: 25 tea bags
Ingredients: Organic green tea, Real lemon
Health benefits: Helps in weight loss, increases metabolism, natural antioxidant, Anti-aging
Recommended usage: 2 cups daily without adding milk and sugar
*Do not add milk as real lemon may spoil it


  • Refreshing tangy lemony taste
  • Lemon helps in absorption of green tea antioxidants
  • Makes skin healthy and smooth by preventing skin wrinkles
  • Good for weight loss
  • Natural vitamin C source
  • Good appetizer
  • Does not cause acidity like regular tea
  • Helps in digestion
  • All ingredients used in the whole form, no artificial colors/ flavors/ essences used


Why Sharangdhar’s Lemon Green Tea?

Lemon green tea is a perfect combination to lose few extra inches hence to fit into that old pair of jeans! It contains a combination of organically cultivated natural green tea and real lemon. The use of real lemon instead of extracts found in other products. Therefore it ensures you to get the best of benefits of all the natural phytochemicals, vitamins and minerals present of lemon.

Composition(each 2g contains):

Organic green tea – 1.2g
Lemon – 0.8g

1 review for LEMON GREEN TEA

  1. Parth Abhyankar

    Helps in reducing weight.. real taste of lemon. 100% natural. Also helps improves metabolism and keeps one fresh throughout the day. Boosts immunity power too!

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