Shatavari Kalp

The age old trusted Ayurvedic tonic for mother and child

“Shatavari” in sanskrit means the cure for a 100 diseases. It is a very important Ayurvedic herb, used as a rejuvenating tonic for women for thousands of years.The active compounds it contains acts upon all of the tissues within the body and creates a powerful action known as anabolic action. Shatavari aids in releasing the extra water weight during periods.

  • It increases the amount of breast milk for mothers.
  • Fertility rate increases because Shatavari nourishes the ovum.
  • This medication will help to relieve stress. It creates an immune response within the body and this helps to protect the body from damaging effects of stress.
  • Shatavari is also a general tonic for anyone who is looking for a healthy mind and body.

Shatavari Kalp

What is shatavari kalp?

This traditional ayurvedic formula consists of powdered shatavari roots in a sugar based granules.

How is Sharangdhar shatavari kalp different from other products in the market?

Bitter shatavari is the real shatavari!

There are various species of shatavari available in the market, but the one with medicinal properties is Asparagus racemous  and its characteristic is bitter taste.

Sharangdhar cultivates its own herbs and thus ensures only the best quality and true species of Shatavri is used in the manufacture of this product.  It is evident by the slightly bitter after taste if consumed as it is. Sharangdhar Shatavi kalp has been there in the market since 1986 and hence is the trusted choice of millions of women.

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