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According to Ayurveda kam or sex relates to ones reproductive ability which is a source of satisfaction and happiness. Kam Shakti is an essential part of our entire body and soul. Lack of kam Shakti may lead to problems like infertility, decreased libido, and sexual debility. This special energy can be enhanced by improving overall stamina of the body.


How Stamina is useful?

Stamina contains Vang, Abhrak, Kapikacchu, Ashwagandha , Shatavari, Vidari Kanda, Gokshur  in proper quantity. Nag, Vang– Reduces muscle weakness & strengthens the organs. Abhrak– It is Powerful cellular regenerator. Improves functioning of the organs. Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera)– It stimulates and regulates various hormones including certain male and female sex hormones secreted by pituitary glands. Improves immunity and also acts as anti-depressant. Gokshur (Tribulus terrestris)– It is useful in conditions like azospermia.

Stimulates & Strengthens nerves. It is powerful tonic and mostly given in the cases of impotency and spermatorrhea Kappikachu (MucunaPruiens)  It is one of the best herb used in aphrodisiac formulations which helps in sexual debility. Increase sexual libido in both men and women. It releases L- dopa. It restricts the release of hormones and thus prevents erectile dysfunction. Also increase testosterone level.

Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus)– It acts as rejuvenate tonic for male and female. It nourishes and tones up female reproductive organs and regulates ovulation by balancing hormones. Vidarikand (Ipomoea digitata)– Improves quality and quantity of semen. Loha– Increases the level of hemoglobin. All these herbs give long lasting effects and help improve physical strength as well as stamina naturally.

The ingredients of Stamina together act as a natural powerful aphrodisiac by regulating the various hormones and enhancing overall energy and stamina of the body thus improving vigor and vitality. There are a lot of companies and formulations in the market which claim to have ‘miraculous’ remedies on sexual disorders in men and women. But most of these are false claims and often mislead and rob the customers of their money. Also, many claim to contain very rare minerals called ‘shilajit’ and ‘swarna’. But the availability of pure forms of both is very rare and often various impure forms of the mineral are used. If not properly prepared and purified, it will definitely affect the vital organs like kidneys, brain and heart.

The main medicine will definitely give results within about a month of regular dosage. But if the symptoms persist, the disease/ disorder is a chronic one. Meaning, it is deeply rooted in your body and thus needs a more comprehensive treatment for the root cause of the condition. Hence, you will have to take the supportive medicines as well.

Shatavari Compound

Why this Product?

Hormonal imbalance is one of the root causes of problems like sexual debility and loss of libido. Shatavari Compound Balances hormonal level & strengthens the reproductive system.


Why this Product?

In order to achieve a good sex life, it is essential for the brain & nervous system to stay in good Health. Brenkam helps to maintain good mental health by regulating the nervous system and thus reduces stress & keep the mind in healthy and peaceful condition.

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