YOGA  : An experience of lifetime good health

yoga for good health


Yoga for good health

A fine day I happened to see a Hollywood movie where the protagonist was administered some kind of drug due to which she was able to utilize 100% of her brain capacity enabling her to match her frequency with the frequency of universe due to which she was no longer different from the universe (‘moksha’).

In Sanskrit this state is called ‘ananta-sama-pattibyam’ meaning you cannot understand infinity unless you yourself become infinite! And Yog shastra is the path to achieve this state and be one with the universe.

Let’s see what YOGA actually is….

YOGA is basically developed as ‘Moksha-shastra’ which helps us to overcome all kinds of sufferings. It is an ancient science of Body, Psyche and Spirit. YOGA is basically the union of individual soul with the universal spirit.

Misconceptions about YOGA:

Many people think that YOGA is just a physical exercise where people turn, twist, stretch and breathe. But this is very superficial aspect.  In fact YOGA imbibes the complete essence of the way of life.

Theory of YOGA:

YOGA is the harmony of all walks of life namely,

  • Body and Mind
  • Emotions and intelligence
  • Self and society
  • Purpose of life and method of living our life


YOGA  is also related to the 7 chakras of our body. These are the following 7 chakras where YOGA is directly related.

  • Sahasrar chakra- Brain, Pineal gland
  • Ajna chakra- Hypothalamus, pituitary galand
  • Vishudhi chakra- Medulla oblongata, thyroid gland
  • Anahata chakra- Thoracic ganglions
  • Manipur chakra- Adrenal gland, endocrine gland , pancreas
  • Swadhishtan chakra-Sexual glands
  • Muladhara chakra- Pelvic plexus


These 7 chakras control the above respective body organs and thus practicing YOGA helps to control the good health of the body.



How YOGA works :

YOGA consists of  Kriyas  which  include

                                              Asnas, Pranayama, Dhyana


                                           These balance endocrinal and nervous control


                                                Increases mind and body control


                                            Calm and composed mind, Relaxed body, Refreshed mind


                                         Good health , happiness and Harmony

Health and YOGA co-relation:

  • The food which we eat ( ingestion ) is digested.
  • After digestion, there is assimilation of nutrients
  • The nutrients are circulated throughout the body
  • The undigested food and toxins are eliminated from our body

This whole process is controlled via YOGA practice and thus results in good health.

Mantra of Healthy and peaceful life:

Practicing YOGA makes our mind peaceful but to make our body healthy and to increase the overall immunity , one can definitely try Sharangdhar’s Chavangrans which is ayurvedic based tonic  consisting of  mixture of various medicinal plants namely Amlaki, Pippali, Twak, Nagkeshar, Bilwa, Gokhsur, Haritaki, Vidarikanda and many more. These herbs help to increase our immunity and improves our health. It is available in granular form so it is very easy to consume and tasty as well.


Yoga For Good Life  Blog written by Mrs.Neha k Abhyankar

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